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Nigeria’s Attorney General, Bello Adoke’s Mansions In London, Dubai Uncovered…Sends Security Agents After Editors

Nigeria’s Attorney General, Bello Adoke’s Mansions In London, Dubai Uncovered…Sends Security Agents After Editors

A week after controversial Nigerian Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke assured that the Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim has been mandated to investigate his bank accounts and make his findings public, mum seems to be the outcome of the police probe.Even as they have failed to make public their findings, further investigations by have revealed that the embattled minister is not only tucking some stupendous wealth in Nigerian bank accounts and bluechip companies, he has locked up mansions wasting away in highbrow areas of London, United Kingdom and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Not pleased with our initial reports on his hidden wealth, Mr Adoke has also sent security agents after our correspondents in the nation’s capital, Abuja. In the last one week, state agents have moved round hotels and media gatherings in Abuja trying to source for information about journalists working for They have also continued to harass our office in the United States with threat messages and calls.

Undeterred, our team was able to dig out more information about the unbelievable wealth of a serving Nigerian public official. Our findings have revealed that Mr Adoke has a locked up luxury apartment worth over 2 million Great Britain Pounds at Pinnacle House, in highbrow Colindale area of London(NW9 5FY). He owns Apartment number 42 in the luxury mansion which picture is shown above.

To satisfy his insatiable thirst for luxury, Mr Adoke also moved over to the United Arab Emirates where he bought yet another luxury apartment worth over $5 million USD in the prestigious Princess Tower, located in Dubai Marina along Al Sufoul Road, Dubai. This like the one in London, he also locked up. is also on the trail of another mansion in London which was said to have been bought by Adoke for the just retired former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu. In fact, information has it that the former CJN presently lives in the house in London. Kaksina-Alu was the one who nominated Adoke as President Goodluck Jonathan’s Justice Minister.

A source close to security agents in UK and US also told recently that law enforcement agencies in the two jurisdictions are also on the trail of Mr Adoke’s assets scattered across the world.

In our earlier postings, we had reported that “Weeks of underground investigations by have however revealed more shocking details about Adoke’s secret bank accounts in the nation’s federal capital territory, Abuja. One of such is an account number 002228052782 at a branch of First City Monument Bank located at Plot 252 Herbert Macaulay Way, Central Area Abuja. In the account is a stunning sum of $16 million US dollars.

Further investigations revealed that Adoke is keeping yet another $24 million US dollars in account number 041152000428 with Diamond Bank located at Plot 117 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Wuse 2 while another 5.3 million Great Britain Pounds is also kept in the same account with Diamond Bank.

As if that was not enough, also revealed that Nigeria’s Justice Minister operates another secret account with the Ahmadu Bello Way branch of Zenith Bank, Abuja where a whooping sum of N6.2 billion is being kept.”

We had also reported that “A rundown of the documents made available to indicate that Adoke is a major investor in Oando Oil which has taken over N228 billion out of the N1.4trillion shared by about 100 oil marketers between January and August, 2011. The Minister has about N1.5 billion investment tucked in Oando Oil PLC. Apart from Oando, available documents also show that Adoke is equally a major investor in Eterna Oil which has within the same period benefitted about N5.57 billion from the fuel subsidy cake. He is said to have about N1 billion investment in the company, with another N2 billion tucked in a company called Novasys Ltd.

It has also been discovered that the Minister has his hands and hidden investments in major banks in the country. Some of them include about N400 million in Oceanic Bank; aboutN200 million in UAC properties; about N20 million in Guaranty Trust Bank; about N360 million in Access Bank; about $400,000 US dollars in MTN; about N1 billion in Japaul Oil& Maritime; about N15 million in Bank PHB; about N100million in First Bank; about N20 million in FCMB and aboutN6 million in Unity Bank PLC among others.”

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  • dave

    the question of how long he has been in office should not arise, considering his position this should tell you why high profile cases are not prosecuted or never see the light of day. to all the corrupt political office holders he is a god, so he receives bribe day and night, left and right, back and front. imagine how much bribe he must have collected to kill all the financial crimes instituted by EFCC against some big fish in nigeria. so dont be surprise if he bcomes the richest. with all these monies they still get sick and opt 4 overseas 4 treatment, none of them ever think of investing to benefit the poor masses. God will surely pay them

  • pedams

    How long has he been there to have amarsed so much wealth left right and centre, up down, front and back shoo!! Abi d guy na money magnet. Not even sanusi lamido of the CBN could in a short period have stolen and tucked away so much in cash and investments home and away are you guys 4 real? I am not saying he is not an ole onyoshi or a barawo but so much in a short time? Come on

  • pedams

    How long has he been there to have amarsed so much wealth left right and centre, up down, front and back shoo!! Abi d guy na money magnet. Not even sanusi lamido of the CBN could in a short period have stolen and tucked away so much in cash and investments home and away are you guys 4 real?

  • Jafar Hadi

    haba Nigerians, leave Adoke alone. He has work very hard to achieve all these monies and properties. If others refuse to save and invest and put their money in politics that will not yield good returns, then that is their problem. For me, the man has tried and i feel u my brother.

  • Jason

    There’s nothing new about all these reports. We still haven’t settled the house that Petroleum Minister bought in Australia and this news is coming out. I think President Goodluck should thank God that all these revelations are coming out at this time because he needs to do a lot of in-house cleaning for his cabinet and staff. This isn’t the time to fold hands but stamp his feet ona all the bugs going by the name “Corruption”!


    I hope the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria is listening or is still busy with Akingbola’s case his enemy before becoming CBN Governor from who is now taking HIS POUND OF FLESH? Hope GEJ the President too is LISTENING?

  • Dr mike

    Imagine stupid fools supportin rogue like adoke..I made enquiry frm a colleague in london n he said u can actually get those properties at dat cost in colindale area…in fact he told me of sm1 dats abt buyin 1 shut ur mouth up maryjane amadi..u knw nothin abt properties ok..God knws if u r not adoke’s sis or mistress..probably benefitin frm d largesse..God wil catch u all 1day..

  • MD

    Do you no the reason why we are backward in Africa? we are backward because our forefathers failed to ask question. They failed to discharged their saddled reponsibilities because of their vested interest in individualistic actions and characters which gave birth to favouritism and nepotism that has been the order of the day in our dear country Nigeria. I think is high time we shun all these racial act and face reality as I find it difficult to believe that people like Okokomiko, Oscar Okolo and Jane Amadi can still talk and reason this way by trying to divert peoples’ attention from this clear proofs that present itself before all well meaning Nigerian. I wonder if you people think its easy to indict an incumbent Antoney General of a Federation just like that, is he the only minister in that cabinent why him? this I think should be the question that surpose to ring bell in your hearts if you are sincere before you deny a well established fact. If you doubt any of these alligations, then you will go a long way to clear your ambiguity, if you are not Adokenist. This is the time for us to give all it takes to fight and safe the future of the yet unborn generation of this country, If we don’t want them to rain curses on us we must shun fevouratism, ethnicity,tribilism and embrace the fear of God that give birth to equity, accountability and tranperancy above all the love for every human being remeber that the eagle eye is watching you no matter how long it takes you will pay for every bits of your actions.

  • Mary-Jane Amadi

    This is the first time an online news site will be existing with no address. Please who is behind I-reports. If u are so sure of this stories here, let’s know you. U dont believe this story one bit. Please find something else. I live here in London and I am an Estate Artoney. Houses in this area you reported does not cost as much regardless of who is buying it. this is so so untrue. Kai, you guys are very wicked. Please who has this man offended amongst the politicians or his colleagues, please just forgive him. This story we cant buy it, im sorry

  • Oscar Okolo

    This story, like the ones before it by Ireports, is all noise and no substance. Tell us something else!

  • Odo Precious

    Yet another senseless dish of unfounded lies from Ireports! These fabricated stories by anonymous writers do your image no good. The earlier you stop this rubbish and start practising real journalism, the better for you.

  • Olagox

    I am pretty sure brother Jonathan like so many frauds and stolen money does not know about this and because he is slow in action, it might take him another 5 years to act in bringing fraudulent office holders to book. Thank you Mr. President, slow and steady wins the race.

  • robozm

    take all the money and build roads, provide electricity for the masses.

  • Larry

    Nigerian public officials are dishonest, selfish, and blantant liers!!. I’m very sure that God is watching and ‘ll very soon pass judgement. Larry

  • Taiwo

    So, Katsina Alu has retired to London after destroying his own country. He is not alone; there are many others like him living in the West post-retirement. Black man, black conscience!

  • Okokomiko

    You people need to get your facts right. A property in that area of london can NEVER be worth that much as it is not a prime location!

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Do common Nigerians know what their government officials are up to? What is GEJ and his wife worth now? Is there any decent and honest person left in Nigerian public service now? Do you ever wonder why the government appear unable to provide constant electricity? Have you ever felt there is a correlation between information dissemination and the lack of electricity? Without access to constant electricity, common Nigerians are left without access to first hand information that would trigger a revolt of common Nigerians and would therefore continue to rely on the thrash from NTA and other rags! Knowledge or information is power! Educate the Nigerians!! © 2010-2016 - All Rights Reserved.

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