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Insecurity: Jonathan, PDP Ask National Security Adviser, Azazi To Shut Up…Accuse Him Of Being Flippant, Reckless

Insecurity: Jonathan, PDP Ask National Security Adviser, Azazi To Shut Up…Accuse Him Of Being Flippant, Reckless

President Goodluck Jonathan and the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) have asked the National Security Adviser, General Andrew Owoeye Azazi to shut up stop running his mouth recklessly on matters bordering on politics and other issues outside his security briefs.

The duo slammed the NSA in their reaction to a statement credited to him, accusing the ruling party as the cause of the nation’s security challenges including the Boko Haram menace. Speaking at the South South economic summit in Asaba, Delta state on Friday, Azazi was quoted to have accused PDP of being the reason for the nation’s problems through its zoning policy.

According to the NSA“The other day when I stated that the issue of Boko Haram cannot be dealt with in just one day and that it has to be gradual,people interpreted it to mean that Boko Haram has come to stay with us. What I meant was that there was a need to understand where the problem is coming from and avoid this fire brigade approach to such
national challenges.

“We do not need to politicize the security challenge on our hand. And most people are not always comfortable when I say in some quarters that the PDP is to be blamed for some of these problems. The PDP got it wrong from the beginning by claiming that its convention and rules state that this person can rule and this person cannot.”

But speaking today when he visited the bombed office of THISDAY newspapers office in Abuja while fielding questions from newsmen, Jonathan said he was yet to read the script of what Azazi to understand what he meant by the statement credited to him, he however warned that it was very important for public officers to watch their utterances in order not to be misunderstood.

According to him, “I read in the newspapers some journalists quoting the National Security Adviser. Until I read the script myself and listen to him, one thing I do know, like philosophers will say that human beings disagree because people use different words to mean the same thing and use one word to mean different things. That is the primary reason for disagreement. That is why public officers like us are extremely careful because words are extremely elastic. So sometimes, you have something in your mind you want to communicate but the way you communicate it , different people will give different interpretations.

“That is why some human beings who don’t think are quarrelsome. When they hear something, they only understand it in one way. They don’t give the opportunity to look the other way. So until I read it, I don’t believe that the NSA mean that the practices in the PDP are anti-democractic. I cannot comment much on what happened in the First Republic, but the Second Republic that I marginally participated, aborted republic, I marginally participated and this Third Republic that I am a key actor, presently as a member of the first eleven, I still see that the PDP is one of the most democratic parties. So I don’t believe that it is undemocratic practices in the PDP that could give rise to Boko Haram or any other groups. So probably, people need to ask NSA to explain what he really mean. I have read it from the papers. I don’t believe it is undemocratic practices of the PDP that gave rise to this or any other militant groups”.

In its own reaction to the NSA’s indictment, the national publicity secretary of the PDP,Chief Olisa Metuh dismissed General Aziza’s submission ‘’as a very poor reflection of the foundation and the internal workings of the
Party as well as a wrong deduction on the roots of security challenges
in the country’’.

The party said ‘’appointees of government to navigate only on the terrain where their authority will
not be humbled by superior knowledge so as to avoid attracting undeserving and unnecessary ill feelings for their principal’’.

“We wish to state without any ambiguity that our great Party remains the only political party in Nigeria that is not owned by any ethnic group, person or group of persons. All Nigerians are equal stakeholders. All our special National Conventions for the election of our Presidential flag bearers since 1998 have seen candidates emerge on the strength of national unity, a common motif which envisages that every section of the country, majority or minority can aspire to the highest political office in our fatherland via a well entrenched rotation and zoning principle in the constitution of our party.

“We wish to add that President Jonathan emerged with overwhelming votes of delegates from every state in the country, a feat that was again repeated in April 2011 general elections which of course, have been adjudged the best in our recent history. It is therefore a comment in grave error, a fatal diagnosis of facts for anyone to insinuate or directly assert that a section of the membership of the PDP or its foundation predisposes that only a certain section and not others will aspire to the highest office in the country.

“While through the military and civilian administrations hitherto, the nation witnessed eruptions of religious violence, the Boko Haram insurgency which itself predated the tenure of the current President is only different in sophistication which again is aligned to the sophistication in this ugly global trend of violence.

“The PDP is the only political party that has been entrenching an unambiguous clause against violence in all its electoral guidelines and examples abound of our members who have been disqualified from participating in elections for attempting

“Our Party will not relent in seeking an end to the scourge of violent attacks in the country and will continue to encourage the security agencies to do their best in the interest of the nation…. The PDP as a Party will not cease supporting and assisting the National Security Adviser in as much as he remains focused in this job of
securing the lives and property of Nigerians’’, the party stated.

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  • Niyi Ogunsola

    Some people are not comfortable when they are told the truth. NSA is an appointee of Jonathan the president who is leader of PDP.
    Truth too close for comfort? untill we are prepared to humble ourselves by taking our share of responsibility, we will continue to blind ourselves. But the truth is, Nigerians are not blind even when GEJ and PDP seem to be blind © 2010-2016 - All Rights Reserved.

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